Ubytování Stýčkovice

Kontaktní osoba: Václav Pavlík

Strýčkovice 34, 345 43 Koloveč
Tel.: +420 379 494 787, Mob.: +420 721 529 962
E-mail: ubytovani@stryckovice.cz, Web: www.stryckovice.cz

Adresa dokumentu: http://stryckovice.cz/en/turistickecile/

Some of Tips for Tourism

There is a lot of tourist paths for heking, naturetrails or bicycle paths. You have a possibility to play bowling in a near village Přetín (2 km from Strýčkovice) and have a nice time over a glass of good beer.

During summer you can pick blackbarries and mushrooms in the near woods.

You can visit and admire near by Český Les and its dominant Čerchov (1041 m) with a view – tower Kurzova věž.

There is a swimming pool in Strýčkovice.

OStrýčkovice lays on the boundary – line of three districts, so you can visit and find out this regions (Klatovy, Přeštice, Plzeň).

The most interesting places are:

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